Are you ready for the big and exciting news?

I am happy to announce that Bound by Roses has been picked up by Black Rose Writing. 

This is a great opportunity, and step for me in my career as an Author. 

That being said, I am sure you all have noticed that the self-published version of Bound by Roses is Out-of-Print. 
A new version will be available in February (Date TBD).

All right! 

Now that the dust has settled, again, I can say without a doubt that it does not get any easier the second time around to produce the next book. 

Hinted at making a quick blog about my Top 5 movies. 

1) Labyrinth
2) Clue
3) Spirited Away
4) Girls will be Girls
5) Legend




There is an awesome (though slightly long, I apologize) update within the Treasure Chest of Bonuses!

I do apologize for not regularly updating this blog and site. It is just one thing that I have always been terrible at. 

I do have to say that I am excited to announcing several things that have been happening in my life. 

Great news to be shared!

Love is Complicated print version is available on Barnes and Noble's website!

Click the image below to be taken to the website to purchase your copy today!

I see you have found my first Blog Post. 
There is not much to be said at first.
I will be using my Blog Space, hopefully on a regular basis to give more details into my life, my work and etc. 
The first one is always the hardest. 
Stay tuned friends!