In Bound by Tales, a Fairy tale fantasy, the Main Character of Marguerite (Fr) or Margarete (Eh) means Pearl.

Below you will find the only major deleted scene from Love is Complicated that wasn't once a complete chapter (maybe more on that later.. spoilers?)

This scene takes place in The Club, during Tristam's drag show.
The scene actually almost survived until publication, but was not spared the red pen of editing during the final run through for content and readability. That just shows how long this was actually in the book.

Enjoy the scene, and you tell me if I should have kept it or not?

Did you know that the Original First Draft of "Love is Complicated" was actually going to be called, "The Dead Fag Society"? 
This title was going to play a pivotal role in the over all story involving the character of Ryan. 
It was going to be used as a group of close friends he hung with that were all over the age of 30, but also a play on words, of attempting to give up cigarettes. 
This title was ultimately scrapped after the First Draft, due to the elimination of a scene in which Ryan explains the society.