Below you will find the only major deleted scene from Love is Complicated that wasn't once a complete chapter (maybe more on that later.. spoilers?)

This scene takes place in The Club, during Tristam's drag show.
The scene actually almost survived until publication, but was not spared the red pen of editing during the final run through for content and readability. That just shows how long this was actually in the book.

Enjoy the scene, and you tell me if I should have kept it or not?
“I cannot believe I am at yet another boring ass Drag Show. And not even a decent Drag Show at that,” Adam commented to himself as his eyes scanned the darkened bar.

            Adam sat in the furthest corner of the bar. Two sluts that could have been mistaken for twins, as they both had dirty and shaggy blonde hair, parted the same way and a tan that would make the beach queens jealous, flanked either side of him. They both wore very similar tight shirts that barely covered their midsections. Everytime they moved, the shirts moved, revealing their smooth skin and tight boxer briefs. They even wore the same colored sandals. Adam didn’t care, they were busy doing what they were supposed to be doing, sucking and licking his neck softly. Someone he knew as he stretched out on the couch approached.

“Adam! See you are having a good night?” The guy, wearing a red shirt with only the numbers 8 ½ Soft,” written in white approached.

Adam and the guy, Scott, who Adam has fucked on at least two separate occasions fist bumped. Adam didn’t want to move too much, he has found that too much movement distracts the sluts, and they move onto different people, though they usually end up with themselves.

             “At least that sad excuse for a straight boy posing as a drag queen isn’t the first act.” Adam commented.

“Tell me about it, all his fucking jokes are horrible, the monologue, boring. Can’t he get a clue that the crowd is only laughing to move along,” Scott stated.

The slut on the right, pulled off of Adam’s neck, “I liked his monologue.”

Adam quickly grabbed the shaggy blonde hair and pulled just as forcefully as he did with the twinks friend on the other side of him. A look of pleasure came from the rough treatment, “You aren’t here to talk, or to think. Just keep sucking on my neck, and maybe, just maybe, I will want to fuck you and your friend at the end of the night!”

“Well, if you don’t, maybe I will take one of them,” Scott said, looking at how much the twink slut enjoyed being roughhoused.

“The only reason I am here, is because this happens to be the only decent Gay bar in town, though that is open for debate, seeing they let more and more Breeders in every week,” Adam commented, his eyes scanning the bar with his friend. He let the twinks hair go and they took the hint and went back to licking and sucking Adam’s neck.

 “Not even cute Breeders who, when they get drunk, become curious enough to see what it feels like to have my cock shoved up their tight virgin asses,” Scott laughed, fist pounded Adam again, before beginnging to rub a hand on the slut’s leg next to him.

 “I can’t believe I call this place my usual hangout,” Adam commented again. Anida Manwich had finished her number and was now replaced by some inexperienced Drag King, who kept flubbing his lines and tripping over his own feet.

 Adam became lost in his own little bubble, both twinks continued to suck both sides of his neck. The one on the right rubbed his hands all over Adam’s tight stomach, fingers finding every muscle and playing with them softly. Adam leaned more to the left, for that slut was definitely doing a better job hitting all the spots on his neck. It was making him hard. Adam’s moans of pleasure, what little escapeed from his mouth were mistaken by the right slut as he is doing something well, as he slowly moves out from underneath Adam’s shirt and began rubbing Adam’s growing hard-on. The left slut bit down on Adam’s neck.

“OW! What the fuck?” Adam pushed the twink away before pulling him back sharply by his shaggy hair. The twink seemed to enjoy the roughness a bit, as a pleasurable smile came across his face.

“Sorry,” the blonde haired, blue eyed twink apologized before going back at Adam’s neck, this time much softer.

“Enough with the fucking teeth.” Adam hissed.

“You just taste really good,” the little slut whimpered, licking the where he bit.

“I don’t need a fucking hickey.” Adam looked down the best he could at the slut.

“Boyfriend wouldn’t like that will he?” Scott laughed, trying to rub further up the body of the closest little slut.

“No, not again,” Adam ran his hands through both slut’s hair.

“You not drinking?” Scott asked, , his hand starting to move up the back of the twinks shirt, feeling every inch of his smooth skin.

“No, not in the mood.” Adam stated.

“Can’t believe you aren’t high then,” Scott pointed out.

“My usuals that supply the weed aren’t even here tonight. They must have taken the clue that this horrendous show was going on and steered clear,” Adam stated disappointedly.

The two twinks passionately going at it on his neck, while his friend, tried to steal the one away. Adam pulled him closer, forcing his mouth onto his neck, a slight moan came out.

“You get all the fun Adam,” Scott continued to rub the back of the twink next to him.

“You snooze, you fucking lose dude,” Adam let out a grin and pulled on both twinks hair again. “You boys like it rough don’t you?”

Both little sluts moaned a yes as their tongues continued their work.

“I guess,” Scott said.

“I just can’t believe I am actually here, having my neck sucked on by two sluts, who have probably fucked each enough times to be considered partners, and who will probably fuck each other tonight if I don’t take at least one of them home with me. Something will have to make this night more interesting.” Adam was growing bored, his hard on going away quickly.

“You could fuck your actual boyfriend,” Scott suggested.

“Eh, at the rate its going, I might have to after he comes home from work,” Adam exclaimed, not allowing the twink sluts to stop their work, his hand holding the right slut closeer, while Scott laughed some more, running his fingers and lighty tugging the hair of the slut closest to him.



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