Found a few poems hidden away in a random folder on my computer from years ago. Thought I'd share them with everyone. 

A vacant stare,
Milky skin,
Caramel hair.

Time passing.

Youth suffocated by beauty,
Life transfixed by beauty,
Death clinging to beauty.


Night Wishes

We are
Creatures of

Dancers of

Keepers of

Singers of


We are

Possessor of

Transporter of

Guardian of

Vocalist of



Land of Lost Things

-Where everything seems possible, and nothing is what it seems.

The land of lost things,
A place beyond the reach of mortal arms,
Where our eyes deemed not to gaze,
In which the book of myths lie.

Far beyond the rainbows end,
And past the glitter of stars,
A land that exists for,
All things lost to be found.

The land of lost things,
To which a silver sky
Lights its vast horizons,
Of unimaginable bounty.

Ruled over by the Goblin King,
His domain a labyrinth of lost things,
Neatly categorized,
For purposes unknown to all but him.

All things lost,
Not matter how big or small,
Falls into the hands,
Of the Goblin King.

His favorite lost thing,
 Are socks. 

In the Midnight Hour

In the midnight hour
I promised the world to you
Know I’m in love with you

As I lay upon your chest
So many things going through my mind

In the midnight hour
No mistake
The skies may explode

The world may be chaotic
Sometimes it gets scary

In the midnight hour
How many of us out there
Still feels that way

A brand new tomorrow
Is my lullaby

In the midnight hour
The minuet between the heart and breath
I promised I’d wait for you

But you love me anyway
You made my dreams come true




05/20/2016 5:19am

I am impress to see you status because you are professional poems lover. Thanks for sharing these very nice poems here with us and their poetry are really deeply and interesting.

06/05/2016 11:11pm

That is a very beautiful poem. When lovely poems are written like this, it sends chills of love and desire down my spine. We all love poetry. Poets are also some of the most loved people in our society. This poem reminds me of a similar poem I have seen somewhere which talks about the love between humans and nature. The poem was so realistic. It connected the two in a very harmonious passion. It was really beautiful like this one.

06/13/2016 11:15pm

These are beautifully written poems. The beauty in poetry is that it never ceases on what it be. It contains pure emotions of the poet that have found its profound meaning. I specifically like your poem, Night Wishes. It breathes every aspect of believing in your dreams. Indeed, poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn.


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